Beauty treatments

Lipolaser Duo


Lipolaser – Innovative fat tissue reduction technology

Lipolaser (or diode laser) is an innovative device for non-invasive, yet very effective treatments, supporting body contouring, removing unnecessary kilograms and reducing cellulite. It is an alternative to aesthetic surgery.

Indications for the use of lipolaser:

Excess body fat around the abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks, knees and arms


Hard and difficult to reduce adipose tissue

Body Shaping

The full cycle of skin firming with lipolaser reduces the body volume by up to 8-10 cm (the result depends on the area of ​​correction, the amount of adipose tissue and the individual characteristics of the body). In addition, the lipolaser unblocks the lymphatic channels.

Advantages of the method:

Quick effect (the result becomes noticeable immediately after the first session)

Possibility to act on selected parties

Firming the skin thanks to the collagen synthesized during the treatment

Non-invasive treatment

No undesirable scars, bruises and hematomas caused by vascular damage

Low risk of side effects

No recovery period

Painless (during the procedure, a person experiences a slight tingling sensation in the area of ​​lipolaser action on the skin)

After fat is removed, fat cells are reduced, which results in a gradual decrease in the circumference of the waist, sides, hips and other areas of the body where fat accumulates.

Treatment effects:

The basic result of laser liposuction becomes noticeable after the first session and increases over time. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to complete a course of 10 procedures, which are carried out with an interval of 2-3 days. The time it takes to achieve the result depends on the lifestyle of the person, compliance with the recommendations after the procedure and the individual characteristics of the body.

Studies have shown that pores in fat cells opened by the lipolaser remain open for 24 to 72 hours. To keep the pores open for a longer time in order to obtain the maximum result, the most optimal interval between procedures is 48 hours. Cosmetologists do not recommend skipping procedures or exceeding the time between sessions by more than 72 hours. This can significantly reduce the effect.


Before starting the therapy, the person responsible for it will conduct a detailed interview with the patient in order to rule out possible contraindications and create a treatment card.

Contraindications include:

Chronic diseases such as: heart problems, stomach ulcers, diabetes, high blood pressure

Wounds and operations

Pregnancy and breastfeeding




Skin hypersensitivity

Use of herbs and photosensitizing drugs up to 2 weeks before the procedure (e.g. herbs with St. John’s wort)

Metal or silicone implants in the treatment area

Cardiovascular diseases, incl. thrombosis, hemophilia, blood clotting disorders, heart failure

Liver disease


You should stop taking diet and slimming pills and avoid eating high-calorie food, due to possible complications after the procedure