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Lycon hair removal

Lycon are waxes and depilatory products originating in Australia. For many, this company is considered one of the most prestigious brands in this field. The distinguishing features of Lycon waxes is the fact that they pull out short, even 1 mm long hairs. Additionally, thanks to a special application, the wax does not stick or pull the skin, which reduces discomfort during the treatment and prevents redness and irritation after epilation.

Their low melting point, flexibility and exceptional delicacy provide nourishment and care for even the most sensitive skin. The unique method of performing the treatment, a wide range of complementary products and aromatherapy stimulating the senses are a significant complement to our epilation system.

Why Lycon?

An effective and precise method of epilation that allows you to remove very short hairs

The method is considered less painful

Especially recommended for Brazilian hair removal

Pleasant sensations: rich colors and fragrances, silky texture of the products

Several product lines – Hot Wax, Lycojet, Strip Wax – each of which is suitable for a desired epilation area and type of hair and skin