Skin treatments


What is HIFU?

The use of HIFU in aesthetic medicine

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound – a concentrated ultrasound beam of high intensity. HIFU works very well in the non-invasive face and body lifting treatment. Focused ultrasound has been used in Aesthetic Medicine for several years with great success and growing popularity.

The technology itself appeared in medicine 20 years ago, it was used to remove tumors, including prostate cancer. The waves emitted by the head of the device pass through the epidermis, accumulating in one point, causing vibrations, strongly heating the cell. A cone is formed inside the skin and the base outside. The cones cause spot burns at a selected depth with a diameter of 0.5 mm to 1 mm in increments of 1 to 2 mm. The wave beam can reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius, thanks to this temperature, thermal coagulation and controlled microdamages are triggered. The process of regeneration of flabby collagen fibers, neocollagenesis and contraction of tissues take place, which results in multi-dimensional firming. Own tissues are stimulated in a natural way, which gives very high effectiveness. The wave depth is quite large, up to 4.5mm. The procedure is performed with a special head emitting a focused ultrasound wave, depending on the treatment area, the visit lasts from an hour to two. We adjust the parameters individually to the needs of each person, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the depth, power and distance of wave penetration.

The effects may be visible in some people after the treatment, because collagen fibers are shortened under the influence of heat, but for the target effect, changes in the face oval, cheek and forehead tension, fat reduction, it takes a few weeks to several months. Because that’s what it takes for collagen and elastin fibers to fully regenerate. The main advantage of Hi-Fu is that the treatment is non-invasive, the outer skin is intact, it can only be slightly red, no convalescence is needed.

HIFU can also be successfully applied to the body: breasts, abdomen, pelicans, buttocks, thighs, for lifting and getting rid of fat tissue. The big advantage of concentrated ultrasound waves is safety, because the procedure can be used by people with implants, valves or a pacemaker. Many treatments should not be performed in the summer, because before or after them it is not advisable to expose the treatment area to the sun and high temperature. However, when it comes to Hi-Fu, Hi-Fu Ulthera III, Sono Queen, there is no such problem at any time of the year, you can decide on the procedure.

Most of the cosmetology procedures are performed in series, usually from four to ten visits, with a weekly or several-week frequency. This is quite a long time spent on treatments and is often tedious due to waiting. In the case of concentrated ultrasounds, there is no such problem, the results last up to two years (shorter or longer depending on age and our genetics). This is definitely a very good result, the first effects will probably be visible immediately after the treatment, but you have to wait a few weeks for the final results. Feelings are very individual, some say that the procedure is painful, others that it is bearable. Of course, for people who are less resistant to pain, you can always use an anesthetic cream.

The Hi-Fu, Hi-Fu Ulthera III, Sono Queen treatment can be treated as an alternative to a surgical facelift and this is the most frequently mentioned advantage, because the spectacular results speak for themselves. Ultraformer III, Hi-Fu Ulthera, Sono Queen, do very well to reduce the sides or double chin. The final effect of the treatment will be clear and natural and not exaggerated. The combination of treatments, for example Ultraformer III, Hi-Fu Ulthera, Sono Queen with RF microneedles in one treatment or alternating both methods, brings excellent results. Ultraformer III, Hi-Fu Ulthera, Sono Queen with Discovery Pico, Pico Sure, Clear lift in one treatment or alternating both methods. Ultraformer III, Hi-Fu Ulthera, Sono Queen with Thermocool, Zaffiro, Accent Prime, Reaction RF in one treatment or alternating both methods.